DrillersDesk​ ?

Many Oil and Gas companies, conventionally hire consultants for the drilling campaign keeping only a small core team as permanent. This model worked fine at oil prices over USD 100/bbl but this has become ineffective at the current oil prices where cost optimization has become the primary goal. Maintaining permanent resources in well construction discipline is expensive and also not needed, unless the program justifies.

With today’s advanced IT technology and network applications, the conventional expensive model of hiring onsite consultants and/or maintaining permanent resources is not needed. www.drillersdesk.com is designed significantly to reduce the cost of well engineering, design, and well delivery including real-time monitoring and optimization by offering the services ONLINE 24 / 7 at a fraction of the cost as compared to the expensive conventional models.

www.drillersdesk.com is established and managed by a group of upstream project delivery managers with global experience and expertise in project delivery, risk management, cost optimization, project scheduling and timing, design – engineering – planning – execution in all kinds of environment such as exploration, appraisal, field development, onshore, offshore, deep water, ERD, HPHT.

The group is supported by highly experienced qualified independent consultants of every domain and discipline of upstream oil and gas industry. The entire system is integrated by an efficient cloud based networking and interaction model under the www.drillersdesk.com platform to Serve the clients 24/7 in all needs and requirements to deliver a project.