Innovative Online Consulting for Oil and Gas Fields

Achieve Value at Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Models

All Phases of Well Construction and Well Delivery
    • Drilling PreparationEngineering-Planning-DesignMobilization Drilling-Testing-Completion Operations Real Time Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Project Closeout and End of Well/Project Reports
  • We participate in peer reviews and technical challenge sessions to enhance the design or programs
  • We examine the well design and drilling program for compliance, confirmation and conformance
  • We run risk assessment workshops, risk identification, risk mitigation and management plans
  • We estimate well times and costs – P10, P50 and P90 models, risked time and cost models, real time monitoring of both time and cost for real time optimization
  • Subsurface and Field Development
  • Integrated Project Risk Management
  • Contracts and Procurement Process
  • Real Time Management – Inventory, Project Scheduling and Project Gap Analysis, Well Time Monitoring and Real Time Analysis for Optimization and Learning, Well Cost, Well Cost Reconciliation, Well Cost Optimization